Ask HESTA to Divest

Ask HESTA to Divest

If you're a HESTA member, ask HESTA to divest from fossil fuels.

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Why Divest?

For Health

Our planet has warmed an average of 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial times.

Already climate change is estimated to cause over 150,000 deaths worldwide each year through increased extreme weather events, increased transmission of infectious diseases and failing food production (2).

Burning fossil fuels for heat and electricity are the single largest sectoral contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Air pollution from combustion of fossil fuels causes hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide each year.

For Our Finances

Over 2014-15, HESTA's Core Pool lost an estimated $485 million on fossil fuel company shares.

That's $735 for every HESTA member.

HESTA's Investments

Our most recent data on HESTA's fossil fuel investments are from 2015, when they disclosed 49% of their Australian holdings and 15% of their international holdings in their Core Pool online. Those data are here.

At the time their Core Pool's Australian holdings included Woodside Petroleum - Australia's largest independent oil and gas company.

Since then we have not heard from HESTA any word that they intend to divest these fossil fuel investments.

However, HESTA have divested from tobacco and from Transfield Services (now Broadspectrum) who operate asylum seeker detention centres. There is therefore a clear precedent for divesting from industries that harm health.

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