Power for Change

Right now Australia's three biggest energy retailers - AGL, Origin and Energy Australia - are cooking our climate and endangering our health with polluting coal and gas based electricity.

We can stop them - but only if we use our own Power for Change.

We're supporting 350.org Australia in their campaign for AGL, Origin and Energy Australia to get out of fossil fuels. But to shift the big polluters, we need your help.


Use your Power for Change 


Ultimately the Power for Change campaign will probably (at a future, key strategic moment) invite you to use your power as a consumer to switch away from one of the big three energy retailers and show them that Australians want a clean, healthy future. If you're keen to do this early, click here to learn about some ethical energy alternatives and to make a switch. Either way, please also click here to sign up for 350.org's Power for Change campaign so that your actions can be part of a nationally co-ordinated movement.




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