Keen to cut pollution and mitigate climate change?  See below our list of volunteer positions currently available:






Communications Positions:


Email Co-ordinator (4 hrs/week)

Email is one of our most important ways of communicating with our supporters.  Drafting emails and delivering them to the right people is an art form, and we can always get better at it.  If you have a way with words and an interest in online campaigning and organising, this is the position for you.


Website Co-ordinator (2-4 hrs/week)

Our website could always look better and brighter, and be more user-friendly!  We need someone to make our website the best it can be - is that person you?  Web design skills preferred but even if you're completely new to web design you can learn as you go and we can help skill you up.



Fundraising Positions:


Fundraising Co-ordinator (2-4 hrs/week)

Lots of people want us to succeed in mitigating climate change and protecting health, and many of those people have more money than they have spare time.  We need a Fundraising Co-ordinator to help us apply for funding from philanthropic bodies who want to see action on climate change, as well as to help us crowdfund from our own supporters.  These roles could be considered separately if you're more interested in one than the other. 



Community Organising Positions:


What is a community organiser?  An organiser connects people together and empowers them to achieve collectively what they cannot achieve alone.  Tasks for workplaces and student organisers will include engaging with other people at your place of work or study who are keen for action on climate change, speaking with decision-makers about our campaigns and convening meetings or other events to bring like-minded people together to take action.  Our main campaigns at the moment are for HESTA and First State Super to divest from fossil fuels (more info here) but we could also work together on other issues.


Student Organiser (4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Alfred Health (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Melbourne Health (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Northern Health (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Peninsula Health (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - the Royal Children's Hospital (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - the Royal Women's Hospital (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne (2-4 hrs/week)


Organiser - Western Health (2-4 hrs/week)


Social Event Organiser (2 hrs/week)


The Social Event Organiser's role is a little different - this person ensures we have regular social events in Melbourne which all our supporters can attend to meet each other and stay in touch.



General Information:


All volunteers will be supported in their positions by our Lead Organiser.



How to Apply:


To express interest in any of the above positions please use our contact form.


Would you like to work with us, but your workplace isn't listed above?  Let us know here.


If you're a HESTA or a First State Super member and you like what we're doing but you're not sure if you want to commit to a position, the first and most important thing you can do is send a message to your super fund asking them to divest from fossil fuels.  To do so in less than a minute, click here.


Thank you for your support.