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Pledge to Boycott AGL

Australia’s largest climate polluter AGL states it is ‘committed to helping tackle climate change’ and yet its newly released climate commitments demonstrate the complete opposite. Join us in pledging to boycott AGL while it remains wedded to polluting coal. 

Under its new CEO Graeme Hunt, energy giant AGL announced on 10 February 2022 that it plans to keep burning coal until 2045, bringing its coal closure plans forward by a paltry 3 years. Every year matters. Air pollution from coal burning has been estimated to kill 800 Australians every year, and the health risks from climate change are greater still. For every year that coal is burnt, lives are at risk. 

AGL’s announcement fails dismally to meet the World Health Organization’s recommendation of phasing out coal by 2030 and will mean more extreme weather events, more pressure on our healthcare system and more lives lost. While companies around the world are embracing the clean energy transition, AGL is showing complete disregard for the communities impacted by the pollution of its coal-burning power stations, and for our climate. 

Send AGL’s Chair Peter Botten and AGL’s Complaints Team an email using this form pledging to boycott AGL until it commits to replace coal with renewable energy by 2030.

After completing your details you will be taken to a pre-written email that you can edit as much as you wish - actually the more you can personalise the email, the more powerful it will be!

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