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Healthy Futures Campaigns

Join us as we work to create healthy communities and a healthy environment

To protect our health, we need to transition away from polluting coal power stations. Healthy Futures has campaigners working in key coal regions across Australia - the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, the Hunter and Central Coast in NSW and Rockhampton in Queensland. 

Together we are campaigning for an end to toxic air pollution caused by coal burning, that is responsible for wide ranging health impacts.

We are also targeting Australia's largest polluter, AGL, a company that is single-handedly responsible for 8% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. 

We'd love for you to get involved and help create a healthy, cleaner future!

Energy transition

Coal-burning power stations are putting Australian lives at risk. The air pollution from burning coal for electricity causes heart attacks, strokes, lung cancers and other lung diseases and can affect pregnant women and children....
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Campaign for Clean Air

Every Australian deserves clean air, and yet Australia is lagging behind World Health Organisation's Clean Air Standards putting lives at risk. Every year, thousands of Australian's die a preventable death from toxic...
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