Local Climate Champions Training July 2016





A big thank you to Healthy Futures group for an informative, fun, and practical Local Climate Champions training day.

A group of diverse health professionals and climate activists met on July 24th at the very cool 60L building in Carlton.

We heard from experts about having conversations about fossil fuel divestment, giving presentations about divestment, and recruiting other volunteers to help. Then we had a great opportunity to practice what we had learnt.

I personally feel more confident, well equipped and knowledgeable about not only fossil fuel conversations, but climate conversations in general, I may even be ready to tackle that climate sceptic I have my eye on!

Thanks to Harry and the team, and all the fabulous attendees for another successful Healthy Futures event.

You too can become a climate champion - join us at http://www.healthyfutures.net.au/climate_champions


Jacqui Dunn is a nurse at Monash Health and a volunteer for Healthy Futures.

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