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Dear Minister,

My name is [your_name].

I am writing to you to add my name to renewed calls for you and your government to implement the NSW Clean Air Strategy.

In the four years since consultation commenced on The Clean Air for NSW Option Paper, NSW communities have been exposed to increasing levels of toxic pollution. The physical and mental health impacts of this pollution have been devastating.

Now, in the wake of the bushfire smoke and COVID-19 crises, there has never been a more important time to clean the air.

Successive NSW Health studies (including one published by Dr Richard Broome this year) have concluded that reducing everyday air pollution levels by even a small amount will yield a range of immediate and substantial health and economic benefits for NSW, which are likely to far outweigh the costs of intervention(1,2).

NSW air pollution policy must reduce this health and economic burden from every day, ambient air pollution across the state. This means policies that seek to reduce air pollution from all major sources to as close to zero as possible.

A Clean Air Strategy for NSW should include:

- increased air quality monitoring,
- research and information sharing with the public, so that the public can exercise their right to know what they are breathing and take measures to protect themselves
- increased air pollution emergency planning and coordination
- pollution control for industrial and vehicle sources of pollution to reduce those sources as much as possible, including a requirement for adoption of best available technologies.

To implement and enforce an effective Clean Air Strategy, the EPA must also be adequately resourced and empowered to fulfil its functions for air quality monitoring and regulation.

I urge you to implement the Clean Air Strategy for NSW without further delay.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my email and for standing up to protect our health from the harms of air pollution.


1. Broome RA, Fann N, Cristina TJ, Fulcher C, Duc H, Morgan GG. (2015) The health benefits of reducing air pollution in Sydney, Australia. Environmental Research, 143(Part A): 19-25.

2. Broome RA, Powell J, Cope ME, Morgan GG. (2020). The mortality effect of PM2.5 sources in the Greater Metropolitan Region of Sydney, Australia. Environment International Volume 137.