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Dear QSuper,

My name is [your_name]. I am a QSuper member. I am concerned about climate change and it affects on a healthy planet, as well as on my future retirement savings that are invested with QSuper.

In early November 2020, Rest Super agreed that climate change is a material and financial risk to super funds, and agreed to a net-zero target by 2050. I ask that QSuper follows the lead of this action, and agrees to pursue the minimum of a net-zero 2050 target. 
In a summary of the case, Equity Generation Lawyers argued that,
Trustees and trustee directors must do three things in the face of climate change:
1) Inform themselves about the physical and transition impacts of climate change;
2) Consider how those factors will impact the performance of the fund;
3) Act with care, skill and diligence to address the risks.
Australia’s peak financial regulators, APRA and ASIC, as well as the Reserve Bank of Australia, have sent a clear message that businesses need to take the foreseeable risks of climate change seriously.
In the Statement from Rest, they concluded, "Consistent with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Rest acknowledges that climate change could lead to catastrophic economic and social consequences and is an important concern of Rest’s members. The superannuation industry is a cornerstone of the Australian economy—an economy that is exposed to the financial, physical and transition impacts associated with climate change."
These same impacts affect all QSuper members. 

I'm concerned that QSuper invests in companies that are harming health and whose business plans are incompatible with a safe climate future, and will very soon lead to a large number of stranded assets.

I ask QSuper to respond to this issue and to contact all QSuper members to describe how QSuper is working to minimise the effect of climate change on the fund.
I also request that QSuper annually reports to all members on how the transition to net-zero is progressing and that QSuper actively votes at company AGMs to advocate for net-zero strategies for all companies that QSuper holds investments in.

Please outline your strategy to mitigate climate risk exposure, including plans to divest from the companies whose primary business is fossil fuel extraction, transportation or combustion.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.