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Fundraiser to Take Action on Methane Pollution

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The Problem

Fugitive methane emissions from coal and gas production pose a significant threat to both our climate and public health. Despite being a pernicious greenhouse gas, methane emissions remain inadequately regulated, exacerbating the climate crisis and endangering public health. Fugitive emissions can be significantly reduced by affordable and technologically feasible changes to the fossil fuel extraction process.  Urgent action is needed to curb these emissions and protect our planet and communities.


Our Campaign

We've written a letter to Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen, urging him to take decisive action to curtail the growing methane emissions from fossil fuel extraction in Australia. This letter has already garnered support from over 10 peak health bodies, representing over 50,000 health workers. Now, we need your support to share it far and wide.


Why It Matters

In the course of the next four weeks, Minister Bowen will be deciding on a significant change to methane regulation in response to the Australian Climate Change Authority’s recommendations that Australia needs to more accurately measure and, in turn, reduce its methane emissions from coal and gas production. 

Help Us Amplify the Message 

While we've had two recent meetings with Bowen’s office and hope for a third soon to deliver the letter, we want to amplify our reach. We are looking at options to publish the letter in public somewhere: We don’t know yet what the best way is, perhaps a full-page ad in the Australian, putting it on a billboard in Bowen’s electorate, using it in targeted Facebook ads in Bowen’s electorate. Can you help us with the costs of this? Having our letter on a billboard or a national paper will mean our message gets through to Bowen and starts a conversation about methane gas for others as well.

This is what we envision publishing our letter could look like: 

A mock up of our letter as a newspaper advertisement mock design of our letter on a billboard

Your Support Matters

By making a tax-deductible donation, you can help us amplify our letter and ensure that it reaches decision-makers and the wider public, particularly in Bowen’s electorate. Our goal of $2,000 represents the costs of broadcasting our letter far and wide across Australia. Every dollar counts towards making a real difference in the fight against fugitive methane emissions and protecting our planet for future generations.


Tax Deductibility
Healthy Futures is a proud member of Friends of the Earth Australia. Friends of the Earth Australia is a deductible gift recipient as defined in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth). Donations over $2 may be tax-deductible. Please see the full terms and conditions.


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