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Privacy Policy

We recognise the privacy concerns of individuals and seek to operate in a way that not only acknowledges privacy but also protects it.  Whilst all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure your safety and privacy, users are advised that there are inherent risks in transmitting information across the internet.


Personal Information

Healthy Futures collects personal information to help us meet our objectives in addressing climate change and related threats to health. This may pertain to campaign, membership, volunteering, communication or other work. Healthy Futures does not and will not sell, rent or share our database. Healthy Futures may disclose information about specific members: (i) in accordance with their clearly expressed preferences about the ways in which they are prepared to assist Healthy Futures achieve its objectives, and/or (ii) if there is a legal requirement to do so.

Information is also collected about contacts in the media and other organisations. This information is used to further the objectives of Healthy Futures and may be disclosed to third parties for this purpose, or as required by law.


Statistical Information

Like most websites, when someone accesses Healthy Futures' website, log files and cookies are generated by the web server that show the IP address of the visitor, date, time, and pages visited. Information in web logs is used solely to generate statistics about access to our site such as which parts of our site are the most popular.

We use a variety of widely used third-party plugins to help improve your experience while using our site. We control whether or not we use the third-party service with our website, and how it is integrated and presented on our website. We do not have control over the cookies themselves.


Security of Personal Information

We keep our database and other personal information on servers which take measures against unauthorised access. Proof of identity is required before information is released to any person, including a member.


Changes to Privacy Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time, but any changes will not reduce the privacy protections set out above and will not affect information previously collected, unless required by law or otherwise beyond our control.

If you have any queries or comments concerning this privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us.