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Green Electricity Guide

Healthy Futures is working hard to pressure Australia's largest polluter, AGL, to switch to renewable energy. And it's not just us who understands AGL is making reckless choices. Environmental Group Greenpeace released its updated Green Electricity Guide in February 2022 and out of the 48 energy retailers reviewed, AGL ranked dead last.Electricity Guide 1Whether you are an AGL customer or a potential future one, can you make a pledge with us to boycott AGL until it commits to replacing coal with renewable energy by 2030?

Pledge to Boycott AGL

If you do intend to switch your energy retailer away from AGL, your switch could be even more powerful if it's co-ordinated to happen at the same time as other AGL customers. Pledge to boycott AGL and we'll be in touch with more details.


So which energy retailers are ok?

Healthy Futures does not endorse any specific energy retailer. However we do know for certain that many retailers are truly committed to providing clean, renewable energy and some often support local communities in the process.

You can view the Green Electricity Guide to see the full ranking and make your own call on who will power your life here:

Green Electricity Guide