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We're a network of health professionals, students & supporters organising to reduce pollution & protect health


Thousands of Australians die each year from preventable air pollution. Transitioning away from polluting coal-burning power stations to renewable energy will not only help protect our health, but our climate. Join us and help work towards a healthy future!

Our campaigns are powered by supporters like you.

Healthy Futures Campaigns

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Energy transition

Coal-burning power stations are putting Australian lives at risk. The air pollution from burning coal for electricity causes heart attacks, strokes, lung cancers and other lung diseases and can affect pregnant women and children....
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Campaign for Clean Air

Every Australian deserves clean air, and yet Australia is lagging behind World Health Organisation's Clean Air Standards putting lives at risk. Every year, thousands of Australian's die a preventable death from toxic...
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Health professionals working to reduce pollution & protect health

Latest News & Articles

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Air Pollution Woes

November 17, 2021

Australia falls short Did you know that coal-burning power stations in Australia are allowed to emit more air pollution than those in China, the United States or Europe? Unlike in Australia, countries in those regions require most coal-burning power stations to install basic pollution...

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Add Your Voice: Community consultation on pollution limits

November 01, 2021

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is asking for our opinion on air pollution levels – we mustn’t miss this opportunity to stop one of NSW’s dirtiest coal-burning power stations from continuing to exceed air pollution laws. Vales Point Power Station on NSW’s Central Coast has had...

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AGL Feels the Heat!

September 29, 2021

It has been a huge few weeks in our campaign to pressure Australia's largest polluter, AGL, to protect our health and our climate. The actions and support of healthcare professionals, students and community members like you are having an impact - thank you to...

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