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Save Lives with Solar

This coming summer is predicted to be one of the hottest in living memory. Without adequate protection, heatwaves cause serious harm and death by triggering heart attacks, kidney failure and heat stroke.

Health risks are greatest for people with pre-existing health conditions, children, older people and people who cannot afford indoor temperature control.

Solar panels on public housing, schools, libraries and community centres will create cheap electricity for air conditioning to protect vulnerable people and children from the health impacts of extreme heat.

Installation of solar panels will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation and will therefore help reduce the impacts of climate change and extreme weather in the future.

We are calling on government Ministers to publicly commit to installing solar panels on all public schools, public housing, libraries and community centres as an urgent measure to protect vulnerable people and children from extreme heat related to climate change.

We've drafted an email for you, however the more personalised it is the more effective it will be.

eg. As a nurse, I am deeply concerned for my patients and community who face the greatest health risks during heat waves, especially those in public housing and public schools. I have seen first-hand the mental and physical impacts of XXX


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