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Our movement is built from the time and energy of volunteers like yourself. Volunteers are essential to this work.

In order to make our campaigns as impactful as possible, we work with dedicated volunteers in a number of areas. We need support in:

  1. Welcoming and bringing new volunteers into Healthy Futures
  2. Communications/content with Comms director Kristen
  3. Helping leading our teams and campaigns!
If you are interested in becoming a team leader, the idea is that you will work with those in your professional area, ie. psychologists or GPs on campaign goals with regular support from our staff team.

This list is not exhaustive - if your profession or field of work isn’t listed above but you’d still like to be a Volunteer Leader or you just want to find out more, please email our digital organiser Chante Bock at [email protected] and we’d love to discuss!

Will you volunteer?