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Healthy Futures mobilises health workers to fight pollution and fight for climate action

We're a network of health professionals, students & supporters organising to address climate change & related health issues.

The burning of fossil fuels for electricity is Australia’s biggest contributor to climate change, and it also produces air pollution that causes hundreds of deaths per year. In 2020 we succeeded in convincing HESTA and Aware Super, who manage billions of Australian healthcare workers’ super, to divest from coal companies that were driving pollution and climate change. Now we’re calling on Australia’s biggest polluter, AGL, to replace their coal power stations with renewable energy by 2030.

We believe anyone serious about promoting a healthy future cannot ignore the threat that climate change represents to our planet and our health.

By working together we can advocate for change and improve the lives of people and the environment.

What We Do

We campaign for commitments from decision-makers to effectively address climate change and related threats to health. We recognise that this requires building people power from the bottom up.

We focus on connecting people who are concerned about environmental determinants of health and empowering them to take collective action.

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