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Ask Chris Bowen to Act on Methane Pollution

Healthcare workers are witnessing firsthand the increasing health impacts of climate change, including heat stress, damage from storms, fires and floods, increasing asthma, allergic and infectious diseases, and mental health impacts.

Methane is a super-polluting greenhouse gas, 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. It is currently pouring out of coal and gas projects across Australia, into our atmosphere, heating our planet (1) and forming ground-level ozone that affects food production (2) and causes respiratory disease (3). Australian government estimates of fugitive methane emissions from coal and gas projects rely on outdated techniques, and recent analyses suggest that the real pollution is nearly twice as high (4,5). 

Join healthcare workers calling on Australian Climate Change Minister Bowen to implement a plan to accurately measure, regulate and reduce methane from coal and gas projects.

Use the form below to email Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen. If possible, please personalise the subject line and email text, e.g. including why you are particularly concerned about fossil fuel methane and climate change and any health impacts of climate change that you have witnessed or addressed in your work (any modifications you make will increase the impact of your email).


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    To: [email protected]