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Online Action: Clean Up AGL to Protect Health

Join healthcare workers and community members across the country in an online action calling on Australia's biggest climate polluter to protect health by moving to renewable energy by 2030.

AGL is Australia’s biggest climate polluter and toxic air pollution from their coal fired power stations causes cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases, and low weight births. They need to replace their coal assets with renewable energy by 2030 in a transition that protects workers, communities, health and the environment.

Join us in an online action event from 7-8pm on September 8th to draw attention to the health impacts of AGL’s pollution and call on them to replace coal with renewables. This will be an action-packed, choose-your-own adventure gathering where you can choose to send a message to AGL through words or pictures on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - or just join us for our giant group photo to show our widespread concern about AGL's pollution.

If you are unable to attend the main event, there are still ways you can participate: please email us at [email protected]

Please bring along an A4 or A5 sheet of card or paper, a texta and a phone/computer that you can use to take a photo.

The IPCC’s most recent report has sounded the alarm on climate change and health. We know that AGL is under significant internal and external pressure to change ahead of AGL’s AGM on September 22nd so the time to act is now!

September 08, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Jonathan Moylan ·
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Will you come?