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Aware Email Content

Dear Aware Super,

My name is [your_name]. I am a member of Aware Super.

Thank you for divesting from companies that derive more than 10 percent of their revenue from thermal coal. You have shown leadership in addressing climate change, the greatest global health threat of our time. But much more needs to be done. To limit the health impacts of climate change, all fossil fuel companies need to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels for electricity by 2030.

The following companies are currently significantly involved in the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, but they also conduct other activities:

APA group
BHP Group
Mineral Resources
Seven Group
Viva Energy

These companies can and must stop supporting the extraction and burning of fossil fuels for electricity by 2030. Can you commit to advocating to these companies to reach this goal? How would you conduct this advocacy?

In contrast, the following companies’ business plans rely entirely on extracting and burning fossil fuels:

Beach Energy Ltd
Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd
Cooper Energy Ltd
Karoon Energy Ltd
Oil Search Ltd
Santos Ltd
Senex Energy Ltd
Woodside Petroleum Ltd

These companies need to immediately cease new or expansionary fossil fuel development projects, and wind up production from existing projects in a manner consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Continuing to invest in these companies while they pursue fossil fuel expansion is driving the biggest global health threat of our time and is immoral. Can you commit to divesting from these companies?

Thank you, I look forward to your response.