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Campaigning & organising resources

Community Organizing: People Power from the Grassroots

By Dave Beckwith & Cristina Lopez

Community Organizing: People Power from the Grassroots focuses on defining and developing the ideas behind community organising. It starts by outlining four fundamental strategies available to neighbourhood groups: organizing, advocacy, service delivery or development. This is followed by what community organizing is and is not, its principles, some rules and some advice on defining an action strategy.

Organizing: People, Power, Change

By Marshall Ganz

Organizing: People, Power, Change is a handbook originally adapted from the work of Dr. Marshall Ganz of Harvard University and resources from the Leading Change Network and the New Organizing Institute.


The Changemakers Organising School

The Changemakers Organising School is a cross-movement training, relationship building, and leadership development space founded in the first days of Australia’s pandemic lockdown. It was created so people who wanted to take action could have a space where they could come together and interpret how to respond.

The School developed over time to a consistent weekly model teaching about relationships, power, interests, action and leadership explored through frameworks, case studies and breakout discussions.

The Change Agency

The Change Agency researches social change, activism and advocacy. What is successful and what isn’t? How can people organise and work together more effectively? 

The Climate Advocacy Lab

The Climate Advocacy Lab is a collection of best practice and evidence, including social science research, data and analytics, field experiments, case studies, and campaign lessons learned to help climate advocates. US-based.