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Dr Carolyn Orr: "End fossil fuels to protect human health"

Listen to Perth-based neurologist Dr Carolyn Orr give a powerful TEDx talk outlining the urgent why we must urgently transition from fossil fuels.

We've heard the messages before, yet Dr Orr puts the arguments in such a simple, convincing way we urge everyone to listen and share.

Some key points Dr Orr make that stand out:

  • "Air pollution is now recognized as a leading cause in illness & premature death in human beings. And the main cause of air pollution is burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas"

  • "Each year just under 9 million people die prematurely coming from air pollution from fossil fuels. That’s a staggering 1 in 5 of all deaths worldwide."

  • "The average human loses over a year of life to air pollution coming from coal, oil and gas"

  • "Biggest consequence from climate change for health is heat waves. That's extreme heat impacts, but also more strokes, heart attacks, lung disease and stillborns"

  • "Over a billion people will be displaced from their homes by mid-century due to climate impacts."

  • "100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for over 70% of greenhouse emissions... Last financial year Australia gave $10 billion to fossil fuel companies. That could have built 5 new teaching hospitals, instead we’re subsidising air pollution and climate change."

  • "We already possess the technology to head off the climate crisis"

  • "The good news is ending fossil fuels will be profoundly positive for health. We will get that year of life back."

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