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NSW Air Pollution Consultation

Hear from GPs and experts on Vales Point pollution

Healthy Futures is joining Nature Conservation Council (NCC) to mobilise healthcare workers and concerned community members to participate in a community consultation process on pollution levels granted to a NSW coal-burning power station.

Vales Point Power Station on NSW’s Central Coast has had a special exemption in place for the last decade that has allowed owners Delta Electricity to emit close to twice as much toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) than emission limits under the Clean Air Act. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is now considering whether to extend that exemption for a further 5 years and is asking what the public thinks. This is our chance to stop more toxic pollution!

Did you know? Health experts have found that pollution from coal power stations lead to 650 children having asthma in Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast, while the owner of Vales Point claims it would not be more than 67. It is essential that we add our voices to this community consultation process so our health is protected.

NCC have organised a team of GPs and experts to give a rundown on the situation at Vales Point, including the impacts of the NOx and the EPA process.

Join us and NCC on the Wednesday 3rd November from 5.30-6.30pm AEDT. 


November 03, 2021 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Jonathan Moylan

Will you come?