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Taking Action in Troubling Times

Dr Charlotte Brack is one of the many concerned health workers and allies that are pledging to boycott AGL until it commits to transitioning to clean energy this decade. Find out Dr Brack's story and share your own.

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its 6th Assessment which once again makes for some alarming predictions, some of which we outline below. The IPCC unequivocally links the climate catastrophe to fossil fuel use and the UN Secretary General stated "the world's biggest polluters are guilty of arson on our only home."

The grave IPCC predictions and current flood devastation are just some of the motivators that are compelling people to turn to Australia's big polluters and urge them to take responsibility. Our campaign targeting Australia's most reckless carbon emitter, AGL, is heating up and we urge you to join us in pledging to boycott them until they make a firm commitment. 

Dr Charlotte Brack is one such person to make the pledge.

Dr Charlotte Brack


Dr Brack is a medical scientist and AGL customer calling to #BoycottAGL until they commit to phasing out harmful coal by 2030. When asked what motivated her to take action she stated "I have had a long career as a researcher and university teacher in medical sciences. I have also been a long term customer of AGL. However I am now leaving AGL as I am terribly concerned about their lack of action on fossil fuels and the threat they pose to health. I have worked for decades towards improving the health of future generations and AGL makes a mockery of that endeavour. As a grandmother, the thought of those precious children suffering unnecessarily leads me to boycott AGL to demand a better future."

Whether you're a current AGL customer, or a potential future one, we ask that you join us and Dr Brack in making the pledge to boycott. 

> Pledge to Boycott AGL

Share Your Story

Once you've pledged to boycott can you share your story with us telling us what motivated you? Sharing your story could simply be a photo of your face and a sentence or two about why you are taking action. If you feel like adding more you could take a video, hold a sign or write a longer piece for our blog.

Stories have the power to connect and inspire and we believe your story will too.

If you could please email us a photo/video and your sentences to us we’d love to share it on our social media channels to inspire others like yourself to take action. Your message doesn’t have to be about AGL, you could simply tell us why you are driven to taking action on pollution and climate change.

Need tips? We’d love to help, send us an email and we will get in touch.


IPCC's Urgent Warning

With all that is going on you’d be forgiven for not digesting the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  6th Assessment Report last week. Yet its findings are so critical, they mustn’t be ignored. Some key points about what could happen if we don’t address the climate crisis:

  • The '1-in-100 year floods' in Australia could occur several times a year
  • There will be 20-70% more days over 35°C by 2030 in Australia, dramatically increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses 
  • In Australian cities, excess heat-related deaths could quadruple in 2031-2080 (compared with 1971-2020)
  • The elderly, young, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and those with existing health conditions all stand to be most affected, increasing pre-existing health inequalities

The IPCC unequivocally links the climate catastrophe to fossil fuel use and we think it's high time that we end fossil fuel use once and for all.

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