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Ask the RACP to advocate to replace coal with renewables

Coal-fired electricity is Australia's single biggest contributor to climate change (ref: "Emissions" tab on this page) and kills nearly 800 Australians every year through toxic air pollution (ref).

We have written an open letter from health organisations, healthcare workers and health science students requesting that Australia's biggest climate polluter, AGL, replace its coal assets with renewable energy by 2030. In July 2021 the RACP Policy and Advocacy Team declined to support this letter and they have not replied to our request for an explanation. This seems incongruent with the RACP's own acknowledgment of climate change as a health emergency and recommendations from the International Energy Agency that developed countries need to phase out coal by 2030. If you're an RACP member, please use the form below to email the RACP requesting that they reconsider (we've created a template email for you but feel free to edit it before sending).

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