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AGL's new climate statement - is it any good?

Last week Australia's biggest climate polluter AGL announced a new "climate statement" and it was truly atrocious. Despite AGL claiming it’s committed to helping fight climate change, it squandered this opportunity to make any meaningful impact. 

Most notably, AGL announced bringing forward its phase out of coal from 2048 to… 2045! A mere 3 years’ improvement and still 15 years behind the recommendations of 2030 from both the World Health Organisation and the International Energy Agency.

Every year matters.

Not only is burning coal Australia’s single biggest contributor to climate change, but the toxic air pollution created kills nearly 800 Australians every year*. Today’s announcement also fails to give communities living closest to coal-burning power stations a realistic timeframe in which to plan an energy transition.

AGL’s announcement is an insult to all Australians who have suffered health impacts from bushfires, heatwaves, droughts and other manifestations of climate change, all who have suffered from toxic air pollution and all who are calling for a safe climate future.

That’s why we’re fighting back.

Will you join us in pledging to boycott AGL until it commits to replacing coal with renewable energy by 2030? Use our form to send an email to AGL’s Chair and Complaints Team telling them you don’t support AGL’s new climate statement and will pledge to boycott AGL until it makes a true commitment to securing a safe future.

Whether you're a current AGL customer or a potential future one, by pledging to boycott you will be making a powerful statement that you expect more from this energy giant.

> Pledge to Boycott AGL

*Farrow, A., Anhäuser, A. and Myllyvirta, L. (2020). Lethal power: how burning coal is killing people in Australia.

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