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Healthy Futures Supporters- NSW

If you're a NSW health worker, student or community member who is passionate about health, we'd love to have you involved.

Please come along to our next Healthy Futures NSW Supporters Meeting on December 5th 


At the moment, Healthy Futures is supporting the lawyers at Environment Justice Australia (EJA) to put in objections to an expansion of a mine under lake Macquarie, north of the Central Coast. At our December meeting, we will be drafting our submissions. 

The EJA lawyers need at least 50 objection submissions put in that will then send the proposed project to the NSW Government Independent Planning Commission.

At the IPC, Healthy Futures and other organisations would then have a significant public platform to speak about our campaigns on coal as a health hazard and, more generally, the health effects of climate change

The coal mines in question have known impacts on air quality by releasing dangerous particle pollution, fuel greenhouse gases that turbocharge climate change and releasing heavy metals which degrade water quality in the lake and local river systems. Extending the mines is contrary to IPCC position on no new coal and is not an appropriate project any government should be approving.

The coal is also slated to fuel the local Vales Point Power station, which is also responsible for air pollution and local health impacts of concern for the community of the area, from asthma to effects on people suffering chronic lung conditions.

The project under review, if successful, would mine underneath Lake Macquarie for an extra two years, and extract an additional 5.6million tonnes of coal that will be burnt at Vales Point Power Station.

Come along to our next Healthy Futures NSW Supporters meeting and work with us.

We will be discussing the coal mine objection, as well as strategy mapping for 2023 campaigns and wrapping up for the year.

If you know healthcare colleagues that are also interested in climate change and health - let them know about this meeting. 

December 05, 2022 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Bronwyn McDonald ·
Michael White Kim Loo Mark Taylor Peter Fletcher Janet Roden Ian Epondulan Suzanne Pritchard Stephanie Canaway Gary Blaschke Madeleine Ferraro Claudia Gross Karsten Hansen

Will you come?