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2021: In Reflection

2021 was a rollercoaster year once again and despite the numerous challenges, such as extended lockdown restrictions, we gained significant momentum in many of our campaigns thanks to the dedication of our supporters in the healthcare sector and like minded friends.

Check out our video that captures some of the key moments!

2021: Looking Back

Our campaign targeting Australia’s biggest polluter, AGL, went from strength to strength:

  • Over 25 organisations and nearly 600 professionals have now signed our open letter. When we tried to deliver this open letter to AGL’s Melbourne office early in the year we were refused entry. After Channel 9 news coverage we were then issued an apology and invited to meet!

  • Our Freedom Of Information request exposed a litany of health, safety and environmental failings at AGL’s Bayswater power station, gaining significant media coverage.

  • We assisted our supporter Professor Peter Brooks to pose a question at AGL’s AGM, putting the Board Chair on edge.

  • In fact, our work preceding AGL’s AGM lobbying superannuation funds, helped create an unprecedented motion whereby the majority of shareholders of a company voted in favour of a climate resolution despite the Board attempting to stop them.

  • Following, Healthy Futures was invited to meet with the AGL Executive in December.

Air pollution remained a significant focus of our work and we’ve been working hard to try to strengthen clean air regulations. 

  • In March we stood on the steps of the Victorian Parliament and delivered The People’s Clean Air Action Plan to the Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley MP.

  • After our submission to a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Clean Air Act, a multi-partisan committee recommended stricter measures, which will now be put to parliament.

  • We’ve also been putting pressure on NSW’s Environmental Protection Agency which is considering an application for the Vales Point coal-burning power station to be exempt from pollution levels.

We continued working with super funds

  • Building on successful campaigns for HESTA and Aware Super to divest from coal, in 2021 we publicly called on HESTA and Aware Super to support us in lobbying energy companies like AGL to replace fossil fuels with clean energy by 2030 - and to divest from oil and gas companies whose business plans are clearly incompatible with this goal.

We strengthened our work in coal impacted communities

  • On-the-ground organisers in the Latrobe Valley and Hunter regions have been doing the challenging work of building support in communities on the front line of impacts from coal power stations. Organisers were busy connecting with healthcare professionals, environmental groups and industry workers to advocate for a just transition that supports workers and the community. And for the first time, we expanded into Queensland so we now have an organiser in Rockhampton!

2022: Looking Forward

We’ve already got plenty of exciting things lined up for 2022 and we need as many supporters involved in different capacities. 

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